Fintech Software Development Services

We provide fintech software development to solve your business problems. With years of experience in the financial industry, we're experts in solving real-life problems and helping institutions and businesses in the financial sector succeed.

We Offer a Complete Range of Software Development Services

Fintech software development is a broad category that includes a variety of types of solutions for businesses to use, from CRM systems to accounting packages. Our company provides specialized personnel to cover the entire stack of fintech software development, from coding to deployment and ongoing management, so your team can focus on what you do best, running the business. Your team will be able to take advantage of our expertise in fintech software development.

Because every business is unique, we don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fintech software development. We understand that your needs are specific to your industry and the challenges you face inside the financial industry. However, no challenge is too large for our team of experts fintech developers.

We specialize in creating custom fintech software solutions, from CRM customization and integration to fully customized payment processes, that your business can use to power forward into a new age.

What Financial Services do we Provide?

We offer a complete range of services to serve our clients' needs. Some of these services include

crm integration

CRM Integration

Our CRM integration services allow us to connect data from your accounting, inventory, and POS, or another third-party financial software, as well as from different financial institutions to any CRM.

crm customization

CRM customization to existing company workflows

Our CRM customization services allow us to tailor the customer relationship management software you already have in place to suit your unique needs, including adding customized fields or workflows where needed.

The benefit of these customizations is that they'll take into account whatever business processes you use or may want to add in the future from a business perspective.

We do this to improve the way your business works by utilizing CRM software that incorporates best practices for your organization and allows your people to do the job faster and reducing human errors.

process automation

Process automation and optimization

Automation and process optimization have been two areas where companies have struggled to bring new technology to bear, but this is a situation where software development has stepped up and created solutions that can take on responsibility for some of the more repetitive tasks.

For example, if you're looking for help you handle your accounts receivable, then we can take into consideration the time required to gather information for billing by either automating it or improving existing processes so that data is captured automatically.

Our services allow us to develop solutions that are designed specifically for how you work today, so they can help to reduce errors and provide a smoother workflow.

payment gateway integration

Payment gateway integration

Our payment gateway integration services can help you to provide a smoother payments process for your clients while helping you to lower the risk of chargebacks and fraud.

We can take care of all types of payments, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, or electronic wallets. We give you the flexibility users need in the modern world so that your payment processes are fully integrated into your online presence.

What's more, as a leading software development company we can integrate with any payment gateway you're already using to give you a seamless payments process without the need for multiple solutions.

We have bast experience integrating with different payment gateways like

custom fintech software development

Custom fintech software development

Our custom software development service exists to create unique applications for your unique business needs. From lending application forms to fully customized checkout processes, we create software solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Case Studies

Fintech company success

As they grew, we implemented more tools to help them manage their operations. What started out as just client-vendor relationships quickly developed into something much more. We’ve seen them raise over $100M in funding and we helped them create a complete in-house origination system that freed them from third-party vendors all while working side by side with their internal operation's team.

Fintech development companies
CEO MPOWER Financing
Emmanuel Smadja CEO and Co- founder MPOWER Financing

"TowerHouse Studio has provided our Fintech company with Silicon Valley-level software developers that understand financial services, operate on the same timezone, bend-over backwards to deliver on time, and do so at a fraction of on-shore prices. We consider them part of the team and are excited to continue growing with them."

We can do for your business, what we did for theirs.

Solutions are just a click away


EnrichHER provides a way for pre-qualified women and founders of color to access capital, coaching, and community in order to bring their businesses up to new heights.

They partner with corporate impact funds, corporate foundations, and other resources in order to design tailored solutions that will help deploy capital to women-led companies and businesses owned by leaders of color.

We have developed a series of financial applications that work together to create a seamless system. This allowed EnrichHER to transition from their existing tools that were all third-party, to a customized system that helps them on a daily basis.

Fintech development company

One of the challenges was creating a unified system, which we responded to by suggesting they use CRM software tailored specifically for their needs. Whenever their customers interact with them, all information is recorded in the CRM giving a 360-degree view of every customer.

Technologies implemented
Laravel ReactJS WordPress Amazon Web Services Plaid Apple Pay Google Pay Stripe

How We Work

There are many companies out there, and all of them are very similar, so what set us apart?


We believe that open and clear communication is one of the most important things a good team should have with its clients. We will always keep you updated on progress, rather than having to come back to you asking questions every now and again.

We need to know, not just do

We are not order takers. Let's get that out of the way. We need to understand your business goals, your challenges, and how you see our software solutions helping you. Only when we have fully understood this will we be in a position to deliver the right fintech solution for any of your unique needs.

Our Software Development Process

Every engagement that we take on is split into three phases.



We start by understanding all of the challenges you are facing. What is keeping you up at night? How do you see us being able to fix this for you? This allows us to get a deep understanding of your problems and how we can potentially solve them.


In this phase, we will develop a deep understanding of your needs and produce several solutions for you to choose from. This choice is based on our expertise in the field of financial software development, making it easier for us to know what will work best for you.



Once we have chosen the best solution from how you saw it in phase 2, we will begin developing custom solutions for your business. We will develop a product that works for you and your business.

How these work on an agile engagement

Today, to say a company works with the Agile methodology is almost a given. Everything from traditional software development to financial services have been adapting this methodology for some time now, and it's the best way to develop fintech software that adapts to your needs and requirements over time.

But then how will the three phases adapt to an agile approach?

For the initial engagement, you probably will have a clear set of needs or a clear problem that you need to solve, at that stage the three phases won't work in parallel, we will first do the discovery to understand the root of your problem, then we will design a solution that is perfect for your business, and just then we will split the selected solution into one or more sprints of work.

But we are all about continuous improvement, more likely than not, you will think about new ways to improve your business and will have new problems to solve or new features to implement, if that happens after the initial engagement is finished, we just repeat the same process over and over, but if you need continuous development you might be asking yourself, will we need to stop after each sprint and do discovery and design while the development team sits waiting for input? Well, of course not, the beauty of following the Agile Methodology is that we do have the sprint planning ceremony where a dedicated BA will sit with you to do discovery, and then he and a senior developer will get together to design the right solution, all of this while the development team is working on the previously designed solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FinTech?

Financial technology is a term that refers to financial software or technology-enabled services that are sometimes known as fintech.

Analytics, automated services, and other software-driven technologies have revolutionized the way we do business today. But there’s one industry in particular where these technological advancements have been fast adopted: Financial Services. And this trend of applying tech innovation to finance isn’t going to stop anytime soon. As an emerging area of enterprise investment, FinTech has attracted funds from blue-chip companies like Google Ventures and Goldman Sachs who see it as a way to make their businesses more competitive in this financial markets environment characterized by low-interest rates and customer consolidation

What are examples of Fintech?

One of the most well-known Fintech companies is Square. They specialize in mobile payments, customer engagement, and services for businesses. There are also peer-to-peer lending platforms like Lending Club - they offer loans at rates typically below those offered by big banks. And through their service, borrowers avoid the need to put down a large equity interest or provide collateral for their loans. Another type of company that would be considered Fintech are Bitcoin companies which deal with cryptocurrencies. Finally, there are companies like Jumio who offer digital identity solutions to help clients manage their digital identities more efficiently when they sign up for new products and services online.

Is the fintech industry growing?


The fintech industry is being fueled by a number of trends today, including the following:

  • Digitization allows banks to offer many of their services online, freeing up employees and lowering costs for transactions
  • An increase in regulations has finally allowed a level-playing field for emerging fintech companies because traditional banks are now constrained from using tactics traditionally used to squeeze out their competition (notably unfair credit card practices or high-interest rates). As a result, multinational banking giants such as JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., and Wells Fargo & Co. have been forced to become more nimble in response.
  • Technology improvements have also led to better fraud detection software that automatically catches suspicious activity in real-time. Because the infrastructure to support these advanced technologies already exists, fintech has been able to deploy them at a fraction of what it would cost for banks or credit card companies to implement them themselves.

What is FinTech software development?

An emerging technology that provides automation and empowerment of tools to make financial transactions quicker, more secure, and easier. Examples include mobile applications, enterprise management, investment bank's trading strategies engineering, etc.

The list of organizations developing FinTech includes banks both large and small as well as a number of startups. The rapid growth in consumer technology has made it possible for these organizations to develop a more efficient system that can work on a more personalized level with each customer.

What does a FinTech software developer do?

They focus on the use of IT to make processes more competitive. FinTech developers usually design and develop fintech softwares for institutional trading systems, investment management infrastructure providers, and retail banks. It is a profession where specialist skills in areas such as engineering or finance can be mixed with technologies such as responsive programming languages to build new products for an evolving market.

A typical fintech developer's workday may include standing up a new bank's application first day of launch or designing a system that replaces an old legacy operation that was first put into place decades ago. Software testing plays an important role in this type of work, as it also does in most other software engineering disciplines. But with finance, it is especially critical for developers to make sure that the software they produce works correctly and will not create any issues that negatively affect end users.

How do I choose a FinTech company?

Research the company's portfolio to see if they have relevant experience.

Avoid companies who haven't been around for more than 2 years and do not offer references from past clients. These are signs of an unestablished business that may not be competent or legitimate.

Check reviews online and read any complaints about their business practices or lack of expertise. Issues like these can be found with a Google search, but should also be taken into consideration before considering hiring them as your FinTech partners.

It is important to make sure your FinTech development team takes a partnership approach with their clients. They should be willing and ready to work together in order to realize the best results from a product or service standpoint, not just for themselves or their company.

What are the services provided by your fintech software development company?

At TowerHouse Studio, our team of FinTech software developers offers solutions for improving the bottom lines of financial institutions. We pride ourselves on taking a partnership approach with each customer to define their needs, improve user experience, and meet the goals of better performance for any given functional area.

Some of our development services include:

CRM Integration:

We provide an enterprise-level CRM integration service. Our experienced team enables the technical and user-friendly connection of your clients with your products and services through a single point of contact—the CRM system. No matter if you're selling products such as loans, loan products, banking services, trade products, credit cards, or insurance solutions, we can help you better gain access to your prospective customers by leveraging third-party solutions.

Our skilled fintech software developers at TowerHouse Studio will work closely with your team to develop a customized solution that reaches beyond marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software by integrating the two seamlessly.

CRM customization to existing company workflows:

CRM customization has become increasingly important in order to adapt to existing company workflows. As a result, companies like TowerHouse Studio that offer CRM integration services have emerged and found themselves in high demand.

It is necessary for all industries with a high customer-oriented focus such as fintech companies to utilize such solutions in order to remain competitive within their niche. This is because today's marketplace requires the ability to integrate the tools needed for running a business, such as CRM software, into one seamless system rather than relying on several disparate ones.

Process automation and optimization:

Process automation and optimization is often a required service for any fintech company because it creates efficiency in the work that is being done. There are two main points to focus on when improving process automation and optimization: automating repetitive tasks and reducing the number of clicks needed to complete a task.

The focus of automation is to reduce the number of steps it takes to complete a repetitive task. Such tasks can be anything from approving a loan to managing your company's contacts and lead follow-up activities.

By reducing the number of clicks needed to complete any given task, companies are able to save time and money as well as create less work for their employees. This will also help you gain an advantage over your competitors because it adds convenience to the end user's experience, which is essential when it comes to retaining customers and increasing sales.

Payment gateway integration:

We have experience working with the most popular payment processors in the industry. Our team of developers can help you connect to any payment gateway in order to allow your users fast, easy access to your products and services when they need them the most—and at any time of day or night.

Custom fintech software development:

For your software development needs that aren't met by our existing solutions, our team of experienced software developers can design and create custom solutions that meet your exact requirements. Our goal is to create an individually-tailored solution for every client with the best possible fit for their specific situation.

With TowerHouse Studio as your financial software development partner, you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

Our experienced team is ready to tackle any problem that arises as a result of integrating applications, automating processes, streamlining workflows, and expanding payment gateways. We have the skills and expertise needed to handle whatever comes our way and ensure that your business will be equipped for success.

Contact us today and we'll begin the conversation on how we can help you achieve greater success through our customized services.