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We Create Powerful, Beautiful, High-Performance Web Applications

Web applications are the way the world’s top companies deliver value and substance to their customers. Web apps look and act like a web page on the customer-facing side. However, they are so much more. Capable of delivering complex functionality and data analysis, custom web applications provide value from every standpoint, making your job easier and delighting your audience in the process.

As a web application development specialist, TowerHouse Studios works closely with our clients to design custom web app solutions that help them gain efficiency and scale their businesses.

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Our Web Application Development Capabilities

Some of the custom application development work we do includes:

  • Online forms and data collection
  • Subscription services
  • Shopping carts and eCommerce
  • Databases
  • Event ticketing
  • Scheduling applications
  • News and aggregate media
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Media editors
  • File sharing
  • Customer portals
  • Self-order menus
  • SaaS applications
  • Interactive platforms
  • Intranet
  • Booking engines
  • Landing pages
  • Plugins
  • Content management systems
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Online training and compliance
  • Social networks
  • Project management web applications
  • Human resources management
  • And more

Our diverse experience and passion for solutions development make us your clear choice for all of your web development needs.

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The Advantages Of Working with THS for Your Web Application Development Needs

TowerHouse Studios provides enterprise application development solutions for companies worldwide, and in every industry you can imagine. Our primary focus is on web application development, so you can be confident you are accessing the top talent in the industry.

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In-House Web Application Development Team Gives THS a Competitive Edge

Our in-house team gives us a competitive advantage as we retain complete control of the application development process. We work tirelessly to deliver on your needs (we are night owls, and some of our customers are convinced we never sleep at all!), and we are always thinking about ways we can make your project even better.

Our work is done in-house, so our response is fast, direct, and reliable, assuring you of a stress-free process from start to finish. Even the best web design companies tend to outsource their web application development. Granted, it is a highly specialized field, and top talent is costly, but this is one critical way that we feel makes THS the superior choice. You will always know precisely who is working on your project and will often collaborate directly with the developer as the work continues.

Our web application developers are highly experienced in all the latest tools, software, and coding platforms, assuring you of a result that is as relevant as it is beautiful.

We are known for our:

  • User-friendly interfaces
  • High-performance web applications
  • Clean code that is easy to update and maintain
  • Custom APIs
  • Rigorous stress-testing process
  • Newest technology
  • Wide range of technical aptitudes and capabilities
  • Simple, seamless workflows between our team and the client
  • Clear and transparent communication
  • Code and libraries that are easily understood by other developers

THS has created our own framework based on some of the most advanced approaches used today. By applying consistent logic and programming standards, we work quickly and efficiently, ensuring seamless collaboration between our team and yours. Many of our clients say that working with us is not like hiring an outside vendor at all – we’re more like a part of their in-house team than we are an outsourced team.

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Agile Approach

Our agile approach ensures that you always have access to the best possible solution for your project, and we won’t stop until we achieve our objectives. We are flexible, versatile, and results-oriented, a winning combination that powers positive results for our customers, no matter what their goals might be.

Our web development team is capable of working within tight timelines. We will work closely with you to ensure we share your vision and understand the business problem you are trying to solve.

To simplify the web app development process, we assign a single point of contact for each project. Our doors are always open, and our commitment is steadfast; above all, we want to make sure you are 100 percent happy and satisfied, not only with the result, but with the web development process as a whole.

Our team is proficient in the following programming languages and frameworks:

And more besides. We feel it is important to apply the most appropriate frameworks for each project, so we consider every angle before we begin. Functionality, performance, and data volumes are all concerns in the quest to support web application development best practices.

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What is Web Application Development?

To understand web application development, we must first understand what a web application is and what it does.

In simple terms, a web application is an interactive software program that is used either by company employees or customers to perform specific tasks over the internet. It can be made for a single user or interactive to a group of users. An example of the latter would be Google’s G-Suite, which requires a sign-in but allows multiple individuals to collaborate on documents and projects in real-time.

The biggest differentiator between a native app (stand-alone software) and a web app is that a native app runs as a unique entity on your computer or mobile device. It takes up space on your hard drive, and it must be updated periodically to remain compatible with security patches and operating systems. A web app, on the other hand, is accessed through a browser. It requires an internet connection to work. It lives on a cloud server and often requires the user to sign in using a login/password combination or through other authentication methods.

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Web Application vs. Website vs. Software Application: What’s the Difference?

Software is required to perform just about everything we do on a computer, on our mobile devices, or the web. While software, apps, web apps, and websites have a lot in common, some key aspects set them apart.

For example, the average person sees little difference between a website and a web application. There is a significant difference, though. A website’s information only goes one way – outward. For example, you might visit a website and read a blog or view content of some type. The user can view the content, but they do not interact with it.

Additionally, a website can (usually) be viewed without authentication, while most web apps require either a login or some sort of identity verification from the user. Web apps invite the user to interact with features and manipulate data in various ways, which will affect the result (such as a hotel booking, a purchase, completing a survey, or writing an online exam).

With a web application, the functionality is all about the input: creating, reading, updating, and deleting (CRUD). While a website is a complete entity unto itself, a web app is part of a website and is developed as a separate thing. Web applications can be deployed as a browser plugin, or it can stand on its own.

Another big difference on the development side is that slight changes to content or code can be made very easily in the case of a website. Websites can be built in pieces and added onto when needed. However, web application development requires the project to be fully compiled before it is launched. Changes to the functionality, appearance, or features of a web app that compel a change of code will necessitate that the whole project must be re-compiled and deployed anew.

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Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications take the technology a step further, adding new functionality such as push notifications or forcing compliance, such as you might see with a TV app that wants you to register your cable provider before it allows access to certain programming. While progressive web apps behave like software in that they can be downloaded and accessed offline, they can also be accessed through a browser according to user preference.

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Pros and Cons of Web Application Development

A web application gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you deliver services to your audience. Because it is web-based, it is a more reliable solution than a website for many things. For example, local governments that allow their citizens to manage their public services accounts would be in big trouble if their systems were to experience any downtime. Should they be under a DDoS attack, for example, their site would be quickly overwhelmed, leaving customers without recourse.

A web application fixes this problem as it offers more reliable uptime and better performance, even in high-traffic situations.

On the downside, web application development might not be for you if you do not need interactive features or if you have a limited budget to devote to application development services.

To sum up, the plusses of web application development for the end-user includes:

  • Easy to maintain
  • No compatibility issues
  • Better availability
  • Interactive features
  • Permission controlled access
  • Does not require approval in app stores
  • No need for users to update
  • Consistent performance on any computer or device
  • Cost-effective for the user
  • Easy way to manage subscription services
  • No need to download, install, or take up hard drive space
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How We Do Web Application Development Better

We know that web application development involves the building, testing, and deploying of a web application. While the nuts and bolts of web application development can be very complicated, we’re all about simplicity. We’re not the kind of developers that hide behind a lot of jargon – we want you to understand how we do what we do. We feel this is important because it puts us on the same page, and in our estimation, that’s the ultimate goal of a successful partnership.

So let’s break it down. Our web application development process, simplified greatly, involves the following steps:

  1. Defining the objective. What is the ultimate problem you need the web app to solve?
  2. Ideating the solution. In a perfect world, what capabilities would the web app offer?
  3. Liaising with key users. Bring together all stakeholders to consider different viewpoints.
  4. Designing the framework and tools to be used.
  5. Building the web app. Putting together the front-end and back-end functions that make it work.
  6. Testing. Rigorous testing to ensure your web app performs as it should.
  7. QA/QC. We are by your side every moment the first 90 days after launch to debug and adjust as needed.

Through each step, our team works closely with yours to ensure we are ready to move on to the next stage of development. With empathy, dedication, and a commitment to transparency, we share your goals and will do our best to see it through to a successful conclusion.

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The Business Case for Web Application Development for Companies

The benefits to the end-user are quite clear, but what’s in it for you, beyond providing your customers with some cool features?

  • Operating system agnostic: your app will run on any computer and in any browser, as long as it is connected to the internet.
  • Consistent performance your web app looks and performs the same, no matter what device or system the user is running.
  • Prevents piracy, especially for SaaS companies
  • Low website maintenance and support costs
  • No extra hardware or software for the end-user to install or maintain
  • Cloud-based, always accessible
  • Faster response and load times
  • Improved customer engagement and conversion
  • High-performance

We offer web application development and enhanced expertise in the following areas:

Front End Development Capabilities and Specialities

  1. ReactJs development is a JavaScript library commonly used to create dynamic user interfaces – like Facebook.
  2. Native JavaScript ensures performance and can be applied to any web app development project. Its functions are native to the web app itself, rather than by something on the user-facing end.
  3. AMP pages offer faster load times, facilitated by a stored HTML version of the web app. Created by Google, there is some truth that AMP powered sites and apps are prioritized as part of Google’s mobile-first commitment.

Backend Development Specializations

  1. Laravel is a PHP framework designed to make web application development more expressive and fluid. It combines some of the best features and tools of other programming languages, and it is great for building large, complex web applications.
  2. October CMS is a simple, modern, and flexible CMS development platform built on the Laravel framework.
  3. NodeJs simplifies tasks for the webserver, producing faster results, more efficiently.
  4. AWS Lambda is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer suite. It allows clients to run code without having to manage or provision any servers.
  5. AdonisJs allows us to write the web app with minimal code, delivering a result that is as efficient and stable as it is elegant.

WordPress Development

WordPress is the most powerful CMS in the world. Currently, it powers more than two-thirds of the world’s websites and is the number one choice for many digital marketers.

One of the best things about WordPress is that it has an open-source framework, allowing web developers like us to create some pretty nifty features and plugins for our clients. Though WordPress was initially started as a blog platform, it has become so much more. Over the years, the development community has grown and evolved, giving companies access to a platform that they’ll never grow out of, no matter how successful they become.

Advantages of choosing WordPress for your business platform include:

  • It’s cost-effective
  • It’s completely customizable
  • It’s easy to update and maintain
  • Since it’s a web-based application, you can access the back end from anywhere
  • Good for content syndication
  • Responsive design adjusts to any device
  • Easy to add plugins from the marketplace or deploy a custom web app developed just for you
  • SEO friendly, makes the process of keeping up with SEO easy
  • Robust analytics capabilities
  • Strong global developer community – help is always close at hand!
  • Works seamlessly with your social media channels
  • Secure systems can be fortified with custom web apps
  • Enables team projects where many people are working on the site at once

TowerHouse Studios are WordPress development specialists. Our capabilities include:

  1. Marketing Websites that convert! Our WordPress sites are as easy to use as they are beautiful, on both the front and back ends.
  2. Content Management Systems help you manage your inbound strategy, funnels, and customer relationships with engagement tools and rich features your customers will love.
  3. Custom Plugin Creation. Do you have a particular function in mind? Whether you want to delight your customers or support your employees with added functionality, our WordPress development specialists will work with you to design a custom plugin that sets you apart.
  4. Design and Development. We design, develop, and build out fully-featured WordPress websites from the ground up. Working closely with you and your team, we’ll create something that will keep your audience coming back for more.

To learn more about our team, our services, and how we can help bring your business ideas to life on the web, reach out today. We’d love to show you how we can help.