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Lumentus Social Ads


About the client

Facebook advertising is very powerful but can be very complicated. In 5 minutes or less, you can add highly effective social media ads to your digital marketing efforts!

Based on this premise, and thanks to Steve Newman’s clear design, we built a product wizard with the following characteristics:

  • It was intuitive to follow
  • It had a continuous flow. The wizard didn’t reload the page in any step,  so the user could go back and forward without losing context or information that he had already introduced.
  • The errors were handled and displayed clearly .
  • The users who opted for customized images on their Facebook ads could have a clear preview of how the ads would look like as many times as they wanted.
  • The wizard was connected to a backend platform and a payment system.

To generate that result we used the power of ReactJS on the frontend and the flexibility and simplicity of Laravel on the backend.