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About the client

Beautifully crafted home media center products

About this project

Flirc came to us with two clear needs:

  • To migrate their old store from LemonStand to an open source platform.
  • To completely renew the look and feel of the store.

We started by creating a comparative chart between the most popular open source solutions available. After evaluating the pros & cons of each platform, we decided to go with OpenCart.

The client experimented with two different designs for the store. We were able to provide him with two themes on the right time for him to make a final decision. We successfully modified OpenCart’s default payment flow templates to accomplish what the UX designer had in mind.

For the deployment phase we

  • handled the migration from a LemonStand database to OpenCart’s schema,
  • installed and set up all the required payment methods,
  • integrated with,
  • configured the purchase flow statuses according to the business needs,
  • set up the server environment to allow easy code deployments
  • and made the final deployment itself.

The whole process brought along complete documentation on how the store system was being configured and how it should be migrated to production. The deployment was a complete success, and the new store started operating without flaws.

The best part was yet to come. Jason (Flirc’s engineer and owner) wanted to provide his customers with more payment methods, some of which – like Transaction Express – were not already part of the OpenCart system.

While we were developing those specific plugins, OpenCart launched its Amazon Payments integration, which proved to be a complete success! Amazon Payments is a must for every store, and we recommend it as a way to improve the sales of any store, no matter the platform it is running in.

We kept on expanding the store with an affiliate’s zone and a private section for distributors, to cover specific business needs.

After over a year of hard work, Flirc’s success speaks for us. We have created a thorough and efficient store, as well as an invaluable trusting relationship with our client. We are proud of being part of Flirc’s team and its mission.