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About the client

Coolix is a platform which transforms video viewers into customers. Coolix creates unique shoppable videos for major name brand products and services for immediate and easy – “point of sales” – purchases, simply by touching the product seen on screen. It is a revolutionary way to deliver content and advertising, enabling the viewer to smoothly interact with the advertising content within the original video context. The Company is also developing a web platform for businesses and private users, so that they can create their own shoppable videos. Coolix interactive videos work on all existing platforms: PC, Mobile, Android and IOS.

About this project

Coolix’s CEO, Elyakim, came to us looking for a very particular thing, to be able to show interactive screens on top of any HTML5 video, on any platform. After understanding his needs, we created a flexible framework that allowed us to show plug&play templates and animations that run on top of any HTML5 video, even on fullscreen. This project proved to be especially difficult on iOS, but as a result of hard work and research we successfully reached the goal and now Coolix can show interactive screens on top of video while embedded inside a website without using the native video player, even on fullscreen!

Today we continue to work alongside Coolix to expand the platform, and we are proud to be part of this amazing project.