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New Year, New House

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Tower News | 0 comments

Isn’t it exciting to see how your team grows? To see how friendship is generated among everybody and a well-being atmosphere reigns, beyond all the things that remain to improve? But let’s face it, people is not only spirit! they occupy physical space, and it´s because of that the office we had in Colonia street for 2 years wasn´t big enough for us now.

  • We were in need of a bigger and nicer space to gather and relax during lunch
  • We notice the layout of our working tables was deprecated for the working procedure we were using with our customers right now. The horizontal disposition of the chairs wasn’t working anymore, it wasn’t comfortable to talk and share ideas.

We decided to close that office and to look for a better representation of what TowerHouseStudio is today. For convenience of all we did not move from the downtown neighborhood and we still remain two blocks away from our beautiful Fabini Square in Montevideo. Fabini Square Here we show a sample of how the movement started and the new furniture disposition: empty office



more people now Now we have more room to relax, an exclusive meeting room to receive our customers and partners, 2 toilettes, windows both sides of the office, island desks in order to gather a project team as quick as possible and a wall totally covered with whiteboard where we place all the tasks we need for each work sprint, we use it as a visual tool for daily meetings and as a stronger reminder of who the tasks responsibles are. (Don’t you think that is nicer and integrative to use paper post-its instead of doing everything in Jira?)   Congratulations to us for this new step and let’s go for more, we deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!