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IT people and our relationship with paper and pencil

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Design | 0 comments

I believe that everything I do for my work goes first by a “paper and pencil” phase, if it’s code or I’m writing pseudocode with a junior programmer, I can´t avoid grabbing my notebook and doing a class diagram, a communication diagram or a workflow.

By the way, notebook: A book of plain paper or paper with lines, for writing on: “She was jotting things down in a little notebook.” – Thanks Cambridge dictionary)

So, I´m also writing this post with ink and paper over a hammock under the trees…

When I imagine a web page I layout it first with these tools and then I deliver it to the designer, so he/she can get a faster understanding of what I want, no matter how much of his own taste and knowledge make it change later (in fact, everybody expect that from a professional designer!) I don´t know if it is an irony or what, because all of that it’s going to be digitized later, the code, the post, the layout… but there’s something in that step of the process that gives me the impression that I put more love on the final product… For instance, this is a game board we’re going to start to work with TowerHouseStudio, I love to put all the little details there first. And what about you? Are you the ones that prefer to spend resources on mockups, UML and other sketching tools? I believe we lose time and focus at the end, especially focus while we understand how to use those tools. I never met a client who complained about not using Balsamiq or invision every time he sees my sketches on the design’s first iteration. The rest of the tools are for more advanced steps of the documentation when the idea is stable

By the way, some clients prefer not to pay those extra hours on a first iteration, they are, sometimes, not even sure about what they want for their products.

For all of your who think that is not professional, I would like to know why. What are your thoughts? It´s time to recover our old school-case and start working with our paper and pencil utils 🙂