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Healthmeasures, latest code available in GitHub

by | Jan 26, 2017 | PHP, Tower News | 0 comments

I’m sick and I need to take many measures of my body.  Once it was blood pressure, for that particular reason I found on Google’s Play Store some very nice apps for that purpose, at the end I install, and I recommend Cardio Journal. But now it was the turn of my waist… and to tell the truth, I couldn’t find something nice for that… in fact, it bothered me to have so many different apps for every measure I wanted to take: once for blood pressure, another one for weight, another one for blood sugar… I don’t know, at the end, it was more comfortable to have a little paper notebook, store everything there and give it to the doctor (what I’m doing right now). But I didn’t want the health measures library living in my head, so I built it and I ended up with a backend library in GitHub  that allows you to create all the measures you want and fill them with values. After that, you can retrieve those values using graphs, tables date x value, HTML reports or descriptive values of the data. library reports The library is already available in Packagist: Some issues to consider:

  • Remember to uncomment (and merge if you have one) .env.example to .env
  • If you find the exception “PDOException “could not find driver” follow that post’s instructions.
  • In some days a provider for Laravel and Lumen will be available in Packagist and Packalist.

Now the question is, when will you have a client for this library? And the answer is… when do you plan to do it? 🙂 Happy programming!