Equilo case study

Case Study: Equilo

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Equilo is a disruptive gender analysis app that helps organizations worldwide understand and facilitate gender equality and social inclusion issues in the community and the workplace. Using data-driven insights, qualified research, and powerful online tools, they enable clear and actionable equality insights that drive positive outcomes.


Equilo was referred to us by a previous client. They evaluated different providers, but our ability to communicate well and work as a team—plus the excellent references from the referring client—convinced them to work with us. Our 90-day guarantee was also a factor as it reduced the client’s risk in completing a project they had already spent a lot of money on with lackluster results.


Equilo’s previous team had developed a solution for them that was not intuitive enough. They work with massive amounts of data gleaned from thousands of global data points, and the web app they had wasn’t delivering the information in any actionable way. When THS came on board, the app wasn’t in a usable state.

The company needed to partner with a development firm that offered diverse expertise and experience as their platform and offering had much-untapped potential that they were hoping to leverage, if not right away, then certainly in the future.

They needed a new approach that would enable them to get their data to a broader audience.By simplifying and segmenting the information, it was easier for them to process and deliver data and grow their user base.


One of the biggest challenges we faced was that Equilo’s timelines were very tight. The company had a big presentation with investors coming up, and the deadlines could not be moved. We worked as a team to complete the application and generate a dynamic widget framework that allowed them to create custom visual charts to wow potential investors and launch them into their next phase of growth.


Our team worked tirelessly to meet Equilo’s tight deadlines, working and communicating closely with them to ensure every detail was viable.

We implemented a Node.js API and a ReactJS application to process their massive data streams and display it all in an intuitive, user-friendly web interface. The result is a beautiful web-based application for customized gender analysis and action plans (GAAPs) across 20 development and relief sectors, from clean energy and agriculture to healthcare and education.


The new user-friendly web app makes it easy for Equilo’s audience to navigate the information, allowing them to reach a wider audience and communicate their mission clearly and effectively. Better yet, the THS solution helped them achieve a new round of funding, heralding even greater gender equality, and more in-depth insights for their users.