A goodbye to Lucia

A goodbye to Lucia

In these lines, I want to remember Lucía. She is no longer with us, cancer took her from us last 28 of February in less than a year, she was 31 years old. She was my life partner and co-founder of  TowerHouseStudio, and with this post I fulfill the promise I made to her.

The people she worked with know about her professional quality, she was the person that you always want in your team, an intelligent woman, honest, dedicated, efficient and reliable but that also contribute a different sensibility to the projects she worked on. She liked her job, so much that worked even at the last stage of her condition writing posts for this blog and even started an application to help the doctors that attend her with patient management.

In the workplace she valued other aspects of the people she worked with, she wanted people to grow and feel comfortable. She appreciated and loved many of her coworkers, and I think they loved her back, the workplace feels much emptier without her. She wanted to be remembered like before, so she didn’t speak much about her disease and didn’t want anyone to worry about her condition, even though the path was harder even from the beginning.

She was also very active, she loved to swim and running, her last adventure she participated in a swimming competition on open sea even though she started swimming again two months before the competition and usually only swam half the way in the pool, I must say I was a bit worried, nevertheless she finished the competition and even ended in a pretty good position, that’s the way she liked to face challenges.

She achieved everything with effort, for years she worked and studied until she became an engineer, something she was proud of, I can’t  count how many times I waited for her to finish her last class at 11 P.M. after being at work all day. Not happy with everything she did she also co-founded TowerHosueStudio and even found time to practice her favorite sports.

For the people that known her better, she was a loyal friend, sensitive and generous and for me, the most important person in the world, the one I chose to spend my life and the emptiness of her departure seems too deep.  We met in a previous job, on my last day we cross a few words, but destiny wanted us to meet again in college a couple of months later, so we started dating and kept together for almost 10 years until her last day. Our personalities were different, almost opposite, but we complement each other making our weaknesses compensate. It wasn’t always easy, but with time and affection we shared everything, work and day to day life.

It wasn’t easy to write these few words, each word written with tears and I left a thousand things without say. I just want to say to you, my love, goodbye and that I miss you, I miss my friend, my partner in life and my wife, and that at the end of the road I hope we meet again.



  1. Simon,

    We are deeply moved by this post and very sorry your loss. Lucia is such a tremendous person. She always went above and beyond for us and with such joy it was contagious. We too miss her dearly. I can’t imagine what you have been going through. I hope we can continue to build on the legacy of what we started with Lucia in our early days with Towerhouse.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Simon. It was another one of her good ideas to ask you to. I hope you can find comfort and peace.

    I just want to back you up here, publicly. I do love her back, and I always felt embraced and supported by her affection and trust – inside and outside the office – and I still do.
    I wish I can go back to my memories of her whenever I feel discouraged or tired or plain lazy. She was pure enthusiasm and generosity – and one of the brightest people I’ll ever get to meet.

    I don’t think she ever got a grasp of how much of a influence she was to me. It would have sounded so cheesy to state it! I will always be thankful for the time we shared and if I want to return to the universe the good of having met her – well, I have to work pretty hard! And enjoy it so.

    Adiós, Lu. ¡Gracias por todo!

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